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Photo: Frida Neverdal
Photo: Frida Neverdal
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Photo: Troll Aktiv
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Photo: Frida Neverdal

Biking in Southern Norway

Southern Norway is a great area to explore by bike, with beautiful coastlines, charming coastal towns, and picturesque mountain landscapes. Here are several suggestions for bike routes in Southern Norway, as well as information on where to rent a bike:

Experience the White Towns of Southern Norway from the Saddle

These small white-painted towns with wooden houses and narrow cobblestone streets are like pearls on a string along the Southern coast. The best way to experience them is by cycling from town to town at your own pace, through small harbors, narrow alleyways, along the open sea, taking ferries to the islands, or to the rocky shores. Whether you come with your loved ones, friends, colleagues, visitors, or if you seek solitude on your own, bring your bike or rent one at the tourist offices. Start in Risør or at the other end - Lillesand. Here is a suggested six-day tour with five overnight stays:

Day 1: Arrival in Risør

Take the train to Gjerstad, it's easy to bring your bike along (contact customer service or reserve space for your bike when purchasing the ticket). From Gjerstad, cycle through the inland villages until you reach the coast and Risør. Upon arrival in Risør, check in at the beautiful Risør Hotel. We recommend taking your time to explore the charming wooden town of Risør.

Day 2: Risør - Gjeving near Tvedestrand

If you start in Risør, take the morning to explore the town before cycling through forested country roads towards Lyngørporten/Gjeving, where you will stay at Hotel Lyngørporten right by the beach. Don't miss the opportunity to visit the island community of Lyngør, just a short ferry or taxi boat ride away. An alternative route is to cross over to Fie and take a swim in Northern Europe's largest potholes.

Day 3: Gjeving - Tvedestrand - Arendal

Much of this leg follows the coastline. Experience the Book Town of Tvedestrand before continuing on your journey. In Arendal, enjoying an ice cream cone, a "munk" (a local pastry), or a fish cake in the city harbor "Pollen" is a must. Take some time for a ferry trip to Hisøy, Tromøy, or the historic outpost of Merdø. Overnight at the waterfront Clarion Hotel Tyholmen in Arendal.

Day 4: Arendal - Fevikkilen

Make sure to take a swim and enjoy refreshments at the historic Strand Hotel Fevik. You will also spend the night here for the next day.

Day 5: Fevik - Grimstad - Lillesand

In Grimstad, the alleyways are narrow and the hospitality is great. Enjoy a nice lunch before continuing your journey. On the way to Lillesand, you can choose the slightly easier route along the national road 410 or through the forest and the "Vestlandske hovedvei" (Western Main Road).

Once you arrive in Lillesand, you will stay at Lillesand Hotel Norge. Take a leisurely stroll down to the charming restaurants by the harbor or enjoy dinner at the hotel.

Day 6: Lillesand - Kristiansand

We recommend taking the local bus to Kristiansand and continuing by train. If you still have energy left, you can of course cycle to Kristiansand as well. It is also easy to take the local bus between Risør and Lillesand if you have your own car. During the summer, you can also take the sightseeing boat M/S Øya between Lillesand and Kristiansand (remember to call and reserve a spot for your bicycle).

Experiences along the way

Biking through Setesdal

Some choose to use a bicycle as a means of transportation through the valley, while others simply cycle for fun. Regardless, cycling allows you to get up close to the natural experiences.

From Evje and Hornnes in the south to Valle in the north, a stretch of almost 100 km, there are a total of seven stations where you can rent e-bikes. With a fully charged battery, you can enjoy the assistance of the bike's motor over a distance of about 50 km. This means you can venture far off the main road along Route 9 and go on a discovery tour. You can also cycle from one station to another and end your rental there. The stations are located at Mineralparken, Dølen Hotell, and Troll Aktiv in Evje, at Revsnes Hotell and Bua in Bygland, and in Valle at Sølvgarden Hotell and Valle Aktiv.

Experiences along the way

Juvet Bungy

Push your limits 57-metres above the river and forest in Juvet, Vennesla, just 20…

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