Places to Visit in Setesdal

The valley of Setesdal in southern Norway stretches from Evje in the south to Hovden in the north, a total of 147 kilometres. The river Otra flows through every village in this picturesque valley.

The landscape varies from rich, green lowlands to wild and beautiful mountains. The road passes through many villages; new vistas await you around every bend. Choose peaceful days relaxing by your cabin, swim in the lake or raft the foaming rapids. Enjoy the wonderful hiking terrain and numerous other attractions.

In winter there are tree municipalities offering a wide range of activities. Åseral, the southernmost winter destination in Norway, and in the north of the valley, the Brokke Alpine Centre is situated in Valle while Hovden, in Bykle, is the largest and best-known winter destination in the valley.

Places from south to north in the valley

Girl and her dog on top of the mountain with view to the valley. Photo
Photo: Ann Kristin Tollefsen


The southernmost mountains in Norway. Åseral contains of a landscape with…

Landscape in Bygland
Photo: Anders Martinsen


The lake Byglandsfjord is 34 km  long and is part of the river Otra…

Valle in Setesdal, aerial photo
Photo: Anders Martinsen Fotografer

Valle and Rysstad

Between towering mountainsides, along the river Otra, people have settled for…

Sommer på Hovden
Photo: Stine Prøitz Jørgensen

Bykle and Hovden

Hovden is located in upper Setesdal  and is the largest ski destination in the…