uteservering i arendal
Photo: Arendal by
Tyholmen Kolonial i Arendal
Photo: Camilla Høy / Visit Sørlandet
Mette Grøterud og Sissel Fredriksen, Heimdal Chokoloade
Photo: Camilla Høy / Visit Sørlandet
Hjemmelaget gelato
Photo: Camilla Høy / Visit Sørlandet
Photo: Gjermund Glesnes

Food & Drink in Arendal

Arendal offers a varied selection of eateries that take you on a culinary journey through both local flavors and international dishes. Seafood is a natural highlight in Arendal, thanks to the town's location on the coast. The restaurants along Pollen and the harbor promenade are popular places to explore local flavours. You can enjoy a delicious fish dinner while watching the boats glide by, and experience the maritime atmosphere that is an integral part of Arendal's identity. In addition to seafood, Arendal offers a wide selection of restaurants serving international dishes. You can find everything from Italian pasta and pizza to Asian flavors and American barbecue dishes. Whether you are a foodie or just want to try local specialties, you will find plenty of opportunities to enjoy culinary experiences in this charming seaside town.

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