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Be charmed by the wooden town of Risør, "The white city by the Skagerrak". It is an experience in itself to admire the white, old wooden houses along Risør's streets and look for treasures in the many niche shops. Once you've strolled the streets, you can enjoy a great view of the Trehusbyen from the open-air area Urheia or Risørflekken. The city of art and culture as it is also referred to, houses three major international festivals that keep the city bubbling over with summer-happy people. Welcome to Risør!

Highlights in Risør

Photo: Frida Neverdal

"Den hvite by ved Skagerrak" refers to Risør, which is considered one of the best-preserved wooden towns in Europe. Risør has a long tradition of boat building, which is showcased during the annual Trebåtfestivalen (Wooden Boat Festival) held every summer. The town is…

Explore Risør

Women trying in hats in Risør
Photo: Peder Austrud, Visit Sørlandet

Shopping in Risør

Shopping in Risør offers a delightful mix of discovery, craftsmanship, and…


Risør the whole year

grønn busk og gjerde
Photo: Maria Aspesæther

Spring in Risør

Experiencing the beautiful springtime in Risør is a true delight! As the season unfolds, you…

Photo: Rakke Nordic Life

Summer in Risør

Summer is truly magical in the beautiful town of Risør! The town comes alive during the…

Photo: Maria Aspesæther

Autumn in Risør

Risør's charm is ever-present, regardless of the season. In the autumn, the town offers a…

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