10 cool summer activities

in Mandal and Lindesnes

Summer in Mandal and Lindesnes is all about boating in the archipelago, enjoying soft ice cream by the pier, beach life, a delightful meal at one of the restaurants' outdoor seating areas, and great musical experiences at concerts.

Buen kulturhus .
Photo: Ingvil Kolnes
Buen kulturhus .
Photo: Ingvil Kolnes

1. Experience the archipelago

Take a bike ride to Skjernøya! It will bring you close to the sea and the archipelago.

You can also rent a boat or kayak at Tregde Ferie, or book rafting in the Mandalselva river through Adventure Norway.

The archipelago in Mandal and Lindesnes consists of a network of islands, islets, and skerries that stretch along the coast. Here, you will find untouched nature, crystal-clear waters, and a unique maritime atmosphere.

2. Take a stroll along the pier

Mandal has a fantastic pier that stretches all the way from the ALTI center, through the city, and out to Sjøsanden beach. Along the way, you can grab a soft ice cream, sit on a bench along the pier, and enjoy the view. You'll also pass by several restaurants and shops that are worth a visit.

3. A trip to the beach

In Mandal and Lindesnes, you will find both small and large beaches. Some are in secluded spots, while others have volleyball nets and playgrounds out in the water. Enjoy a wonderful day in the sun, with your toes in the sand and a refreshing swim.


Lillebanken er en av de mest populære badestrendene i Mandal for barnefamilier. Her kan man…

3. Visit Lindesnes Lighthouse and Norway's southernmost point

Norway's southernmost point is worth a visit regardless of the season. Lindesnes Lighthouse is Norway's oldest lighthouse and is a historic landmark that attracts visitors from all over the world. There is much to see, experience, and explore here, and visitors can even stay overnight.

Visitors can climb up the lighthouse and enjoy the breathtaking views of the sea and the beautiful coastal landscape. Inside the lighthouse, there is also an exhibition that tells the history of the lighthouse and its significance for maritime navigation.

In addition to the lighthouse, you can explore the surrounding area. There are several hiking trails that take you through beautiful forests and along the coast. You can experience the fresh sea air and savor the spectacular nature.

Lindesnes Fyr

Selve fyrtårnet er åpent for publikum og er utpekt som nasjonalt fyrmuseum. I…

5. Adventure Norway

Adventure Norway is Norway's southernmost rafting center, offering exciting experiences surrounded by stunning nature - perfect for the whole family! The most popular activities are rafting and via ferrata, but they also offer climbing, rappelling, paintball, bushcraft, moose safaris, canoe rental, and kayak courses, among others. These activities are suitable for all skill levels and are ideal family activities.

6. Explore Spangreid

In Spangreid, you'll find the world-famous underwater restaurant, Under, and Lindesnes Havhotell, both with fantastic seafront locations. Also, visit Jentan på Båly, offering a rich selection of fresh seafood.

One of the highlights of Spangreid is the Spangereid Canal, which connects Spangereidfjorden and Kaldvellfjorden. Here, you can watch boats pass through the canal and take a stroll along the canal path while enjoying the beautiful nature.

Spangreid is a wonderful place to experience the stunning nature and rich history of Lindesnes. Whether you want to explore the canal, relax on the beach, or learn more about the area's cultural heritage, Spangreid is definitely worth a visit.


Bli med ned i verdens største og Europas eneste undervannsrestaurant Under p…

7. Try your luck with fishing

Lindesnes is a fantastic place for fishing enthusiasts, offering a wide range of fishing opportunities both in the sea and in freshwater.

In the sea off the coast of Lindesnes, there are abundant fishing opportunities. Here, you can try your hand at deep-sea fishing and catch species such as cod, pollock, coalfish, mackerel, and halibut. Several operators offer guided fishing trips, where experienced fishermen can help you find the best fishing spots and provide tips for a successful catch. Deep-sea fishing off Lindesnes is known to be both exciting and challenging, making it a great way to spend a day at sea.

For those who prefer freshwater fishing, there are several lakes and rivers near Lindesnes that offer good fishing opportunities. Here, you can fish for trout, char, pike, and perch. There are also several fishing lakes perfect for fly fishing, allowing you to experience the calm and relaxing atmosphere of nature.

Lindesnes is also an excellent spot for sports fishermen looking to try their hand at salmon fishing. However, it's important to note that salmon fishing is regulated and often requires a permit or fishing license.

Regardless of whether you are an experienced fisherman or a beginner, Lindesnes is a fantastic place to explore fishing opportunities. Here, you can experience the beautiful nature while enjoying the excitement and joy of catching fish.

8. Attend a concert or festival

During the summer, there are numerous concerts and festivals in Mandal and Lindesnes. Enjoy the music and a delightful meal at one of the city's restaurants. Every year, there are also festivals like Sydli and Skalldyrfestivalen that are worth a visit.

Check out our event calendar for more information about the various events.

Concerts and festivals

9. Take a trip to the day trip cabin Aurebu

Aurebu is a destination for day trips where you can take a break, have your packed lunch, get some warmth, meet others, experience the surrounding nature, and maybe browse a book. The cabin is 25 m2 in size and has both a library and a wood stove. There is also a solar power system with lighting for use when it gets dark. The cabin is intended for day visits only, and overnight stays must be done outside the cabin.

10. Get close to nature in a treetop cabin

Cozy treetop cabins up in the trees in Harkmark available for rent all year round. Gluba Treetop Cabins "Furunåla" and "Elgposten" are meant to be a place where you find peace, unwind, and wake up surrounded by nature.

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Mandal By .
Photo: Fotograf Iselinn Andersen
Mandal By .
Photo: Fotograf Iselinn Andersen

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