høst i Lillesand
Photo: Heidi Løland-Andersen
Photo: Trond Are Gjone
solnedgang i Lillesand
Photo: Heidi Løland-Andersen
Photo: Ingeborg N Rosenberg
gutter som ser på solnedgang
Photo: Rebecca Fredriksen
Høst i Lillesand - soloppgang sett fra Øvrebyen
Photo: Heidi Løland-Andersen
Photo: Visit Lillesand

Autumn in Lillesand

When the summer holidays come to an end, Lillesand changes character. Gone is the teeming public life and back is the city almost at its best. It is now that you can have Blindleia almost to yourself, secure the table at the far edge of the wharf and the very best bathing spots. The forest in Lillesand is most beautiful in the autumn, and in the time to come it lies at your feet. Welcome!

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The inner archipelago affords plentiful opportunity for open-air activities, enjoying the coastal scenery and outports. Experience Blindleia by sightseeing, charter or your own boat. Blindleia has its own activity map together with a brochure which contains information about the…

Welcome to the sauna fleet Lillesand-Kogen, fantastically situated at the city's most beautiful recreation area at Kaldvell, a couple of kilometers east of Lillesand centre. We recommend booking a time for your visit, but drop-in is also available. With us you can swim in the…

In addition to the hotel's main restaurant throughout the year, is there a nice restaurant in the backyard called "Haven" (the garden). It serves hot and cold dishes in the summer. De Historiske - Historic Hotels & Restaurants Lillesand Hotel Norge is a member…

The river has a salmon ladder, and you can fish or bathe. The ruins of the wood pulp grinding mill dating from about 1890 are still visible and provide a magnificent backdrop for the walk. Kaldvell is also the starting point for what was previously called Kongeveien, the…

Justøya outside Lillesand is a perfect place for bouldering. Justøya island in southern Norway. Medium to excellent quality of rock and still plenty of potential. Good variety of problems and many good problems on the more moderate part of the grading scale. In the…