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The landscape in Setesdal varies from flat villages to wild and beautiful high mountains, and the road through the valley passes small and large towns. Around every bend, new impressions await that can make you stop and enjoy nature and the peaceful environment. It is therefore a perfect filming location for the popular Dutch TV series "Hunted Into The Wild". In this program broadcast on the Dutch channel NPO1, we follow six hunting teams who try to hide from 'hunters' in a pristine wilderness somewhere in Europe. The hunters are led by former head of investigation Marcel Van Van de Ven and consist of various experts who analyze clues from the head office. In addition, there are hunting teams out in the field who are actively looking for the duos with the help of tips from the head office. At the head office, investigators, security experts, hackers and psychologists work together, and they use modern technology to track down the participants. This season (season number 2) was recorded in Åseral municipality in September 2023 and the teams consist of Dutch 'celebrities'.

Åseral, the Southernmost Mountains in Setesdal

Girl and her dog on top of the mountain with view to the valley. Photo
Photo: Ann Kristin Tollefsen

The southernmost mountains in Norway. Åseral contains of a landscape with beautiful bathing spots, alpine slopes, great fishing possibilities and lovely walking trails.

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Lognavatn, Åseral, stabbur i skumringen
Photo: Geir Daasvatn

The Setesdal valley is centrally located in Southern Norway and easily accessible from continental Europe. In the winter you can choose between three skiing destinations; Åseral, Brokke and Hovden.

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