Shopping i Flekkefjord
Photo: Peder Austrud©Visit Sørlandet
dame som shopper
Photo: Peder Austrud
dame i butikk
Photo: Gjermund Glesnes

Shopping in Southern Norway

Shopping in Southern Norway offers exciting niche shops, handmade art, locally produced food in addition to large shopping centres. Here, you can find everything from local food and crafts to unique items and souvenirs. Explore the various cities and towns in Southern Norway to discover hidden gems and local shops that provide an authentic shopping experience.

Shopping at the destinations

Dame handler sjokolade på Heimdal Chokolade i Arendal
Photo: Elisabeth Høibo©Visit Sørlandet

Shopping in Arendal

During a shopping trip in Arendal, you'll find everything from major national…

Women trying in hats in Risør
Photo: Peder Austrud, Visit Sørlandet

Shopping in Risør

Shopping in Risør offers a delightful mix of discovery, craftsmanship, and…

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