Short or Long Trails in Setesdal

Throughout the valley there are excellent opportunities for walking and hiking. From Evje in the south to Hovden in the north, amazing viewpoints await you. In addition to the short round trips, there are several hiking routes connecting the various cabins of the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT).

Selected hikes


  • Green symbol: Beginners. No specific requirements. Mainly short walks with moderate ascent, but without any steep or difficult sections.
  • Blue symbol: Beginners. For people in average shape. Most of the ascents are moderate, but may include some steep sections.
  • Red symbol: For experienced hikers in good shape. Several challenges that may include steep ascents and river/stream crossings.
  • Black symbol: For highly experienced mountain hikers in good shape. Longer and more technically challenging hikes. Knowledge about map and compass required.