Lindesnes Lighthouse in sunset
Photo: Fotograf Iselinn Andersen
Utsikt over Mandal by om kvelden
Photo: Fotograf Christoffer Aasen Johannessen

Attractions in Mandal and Lindesnes

Mandal and Lindesnes offer a variety of exciting attractions for visitors of all ages.

One of the most well-known attractions in Lindesnes is the Lindesnes Lighthouse, which is Norway's oldest lighthouse. You can visit the lighthouse, learn about its history, and its significance for maritime navigation.

Whatever you choose to do, Mandal and Lindesnes will be able to offer you a range of exciting attractions. Mandal and Lindesnes are perfect for exploring culture and history, experiencing beautiful nature, and participating in thrilling activities.

Lindesnes lighthouse is Norway's southernmost point
Photo: Inger Hutchinson / Visit Sørlandet

Enjoy a digital tour of the majestic Lindesnes Lighthouse and its spectacular surroundings. Turn the video on full screen and with sound, for the best possible experience of the tour. The video is voiced in english.

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Hatholmen fyr .
Photo: Iselinn Andersen
Hatholmen fyr .
Photo: Iselinn Andersen