En dame som sitter å nyter utsikten
Photo: Helga Sandnes
Hengekøye på Bjelland
Photo: Visit Lindesnes
To personer på tur i Nomeheia
Photo: Iselinn Andresen

Explore nature in Mandal and Lindesnes.

Dry, wet, steep, or flat. Take a hike in the fresh mountain air, or enjoy the archipelago from the bicycle saddle and let the children go on a discovery adventure. In Lindesnes, there are many beautiful hiking trails and exciting attractions worth experiencing.

Bike rides

Mountain hikes


Kua (119m above sea level) A beautiful tour near Mandal on marked paths through southern…

Hiking trails


Furulunden is a large nature and outdoor area of about 1400 acres just west of the city center of…

Fishing in Mandal and Lindesnes

"Barnevandrerstien" in Southern Norway

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Nomeheia .
Photo: Iselinn Andresen
Nomeheia .
Photo: Iselinn Andresen