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Hengekøye på Bjelland

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To personer på tur i Nomeheia

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Out in nature in Mandal and Lindesnes.

Dry, wet, steep, or flat. Take a hike in the fresh mountain air, or enjoy the archipelago from the bicycle saddle and let the children go on a discovery adventure. In Lindesnes, there are many beautiful hiking trails and exciting attractions worth experiencing.

Mountain hikes

Here in the south, we have many great mountain hikes with fantastic views over the archipelago along the entire coast of Lindesnes, as well as over forests, valleys, and mountains in Mandal and Marnardal. Here, we have gathered some of the finest ones:

Hiking trails

There are many beautiful hikes in Lindesnes. Along the coast with the sea as your view, inland in Marnardal, and near the center of Mandal, you can find short, easy, and more challenging hikes. Here, you can get some tips.

Bike rides

Biking in Mandal and Lindesnes is a great way to experience the beautiful nature and coastal landscapes, with diverse terrain and spectacular viewpoints. Whether you're an experienced cyclist or just looking to enjoy a leisurely ride, you'll find a wide range of bike trails and routes suitable for all levels and ages.

Here are our tips:

"Barnevandrerstien" in Southern Norway

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Nomeheia .
Photo: Iselinn Andresen
Nomeheia .
Photo: Iselinn Andresen