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Farsund and Lista is Southern Norway at its most charming

The center of Farsund meets you at first as a typical white southern town, but if you look further, you discover that it is much, much more. Kaperbyen, The American Lista, Trappebyen, Rederbyen or Kaperredet - dear child has many names. At the far end of Listalandet is Lista lighthouse, the municipality's most visited destination. Here you will also find Sørlandet's longest beaches, perfect for both swimming and surfing.

Highlights in Farsund and Lista

Farsund and Lista provide a diverse range of experiences, from delving into pirate history to immersing yourself in the natural beauty of the coastline and enjoying the presence of a vibrant bird population. Additionally, you can discover the fascinating connection between Lista and America through…

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The American Lista

If you go to Amerikanske Lista in Vanse, you quickly find out that the residents have a big heart…

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