Views from Valle
Photo: Anders Martinsen Fotografer

Valle, the heart of Setesdal

Valle and Rysstad are great places to stop and enjoy the surroundings and the local culture. There is plenty of room in this sparsely populated municipality, with 1,300 inhabitants on 1,290 square kilometres. Between towering mountain sides, along the river Otra, people have settled for centuries. 

In the vast mountain areas on both sides of the valley you can enjoy peace and quiet and recharge your batteries. Valle is an excellent starting point for mountain hikes, whether you prefer day trips or plan to spend several days hiking from cabin to cabin.
The steep rock walls in the area attract a growing number of climbers. With more than two hundred routes there are challenges for everyone, regardless of previous experience.

Valle is the silversmithing capital of Norway. On your way through Setesdal, be sure to visit one of the silversmiths. The handmade jewellery is highly competitive with manufactured silver products, with respect to both beauty and price. The museum in Rysstad takes you on a journey through local culture, history and traditions.

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