Photo: Nico Hagen
par foran kirke
Photo: Nico Hagen
Photo: Martin Granum
sandwich foran et skilt
Photo: Heidi Sørvig/Kvadraturforeningen

Attractions in Kristiansand

Kristiansand offers several exciting attractions worth seeing. Wander through the city's oldest district, Posebyen. Here you will also find the hidden gem Posebyhaven, a backyard with cafes, niche shops, a bakery and concerts in the summer.

The square is the center of the city, and here you will find Kristiansand Cathedral, a library with an art gallery and several nice restaurants. The promenade "Markens" is also a must, and if you follow it down to the sea you will encounter a beautiful sight. Here you can either turn right where you will find Fiskebrygga, Odderøya and Kanalbyen, or left where you will find Strandpromenaden which eventually leads to Bystranda.

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