Sea food at Under underwater restaurant in Lindesnes, Southern Norway
Photo: Stian Broch
Ragnvalds pølsemakeri på Sandøya utenfor Tvedestrand
Photo: Erik Garaventa
Photo: Nico Hagen

The culinary Southern Norway

In Southern Norway, you will find a wide range of culinary experiences. The underwater restaurant Under is the only one of its kind in Europe and has been awarded a Michelin star. The traditional farm restaurant Boen Gård also has a recommendation in the same guide. If you wish to gather your own food, Kote Null can take you diving, where you can then prepare your catch at a fine restaurant. In Kvinesdal, you can fish your own salmon and have it smoked at the butcher shop Nico. At Lindesnes Lighthouse, the treasures of the sea are also utilized. The region also has several farmer's markets and farm shops where you can buy fresh local products such as fruits, vegetables, cheese, honey, and jams. Here, you can experience the diversity of the region's agriculture and purchase products directly from the producers.

Welcome to delightful culinary experiences in Southern Norway!

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