Badeperle, Feda, Kvinesdal
Photo: Camilla Høy / Visit Sørlandet
sjø og badepark i Feda
Photo: Frida Neverdal
gutt som fisker
Photo: Jan Kåre Rafoss
familie i park
Photo: Kvinesdal kommune
Fedaelva i Kvinesdal
Photo: Camilla Høy / Visit Sørlandet
dame som spiller golf
Photo: Adam Read

Summer in Kvinesdal

Summer in Kvinesdal offers great experiences for the whole family! The beautiful nature in Kvinesdal is home to many fantastic bathing spots, hiking trails, cycling routes, and climbing paths. Summer in Kvinesdal offers a range of activities and attractions that cater to different interests and age groups. From enjoying the natural beauty to engaging in recreational and educational experiences, there is something for everyone to make your vacation complete and memorable.

Summer activities in Kvinesdal

This is the first few kilometers of the childreans walking trail that runs from Kvinesdal. The trail is divided into seven stages totalling about 136km to Landvik in Grimstad. Distance: 13 km (return) Time: About 5 hours. The terrain is quite open and passes several…

Utsikten Hotel Kvinesdal is a modern hotel situated on a mountain slope overlooking the valley of Kvinesdal and the Feda fjord. The hotel is located between Stavanger and Kristiansand. It also offers facilities for conferences and meetings. The stunning view from the hotel gives…

From Sande, you can take a nice round trip up to Dyreknuten. Here you get a view of the Fedafjord. A little further down, you can go out to Skomakertippen, where you can see straight down into the fjord if you venture out to the edge. The round trip up to Dyreknuten is 5.3 km…

Kvinabadet is situated in Kvinesdal town centre, right next to the river.  Kvinabadet is a swimming pool with a 25 metre pool, diving facilities, water slides, bubble baths, sauna and a hot water pool. The café has seating both inside the pool area and in the…

From Kvinesdal, drive north on road 465 until you see a little wooden sign that says Rafossen. You proceed up the narrow road for approximately two kilometres until the road stops. The waterfall is a five minute walk from there. There are local houses here and no official parking…

At Knaben, you can play frisbee golf on the new beautiful course. All are welcome - both professionals and amateurs. More detailed information is available at Knaben.no and discgolfmetrix.com.  

The Science Center Sørlandet department Kvinesdal is an experience and learning centre. Here you can explore and experience everything from our interactive exhibition where you learn by doing, to various activity workshops within science. Our activities are suitable for…