Kvinne som padler på stille hav om våren
Photo: Visit Lillesand
Hvitveis ved elv
Photo: Heidi Løland-Andersen
en blå benk med utsikt
Photo: Olaf T. Tønnessen
Blomstrende gren av kirsebærtre
Photo: Heidi Løland-Andersen
Meny på bryggerestaurant, oransje bord, hvitt stakittgjerde og båter i bakgrunnen
Photo: Heidi Løland-Andersen

Spring in Lillesand

Many people know Lillesand primarily as a summer town, and it is a well-kept secret that the small southern village is just as beautiful and welcoming before summer sets in. When the crocuses peek out from behind white-painted picket fences, it is not long before the coffee is enjoyed on the edge of the quay at one of the city's many outdoor restaurants. As soon as the snow melts, there are kilometers of wonderful hiking trails waiting to be used. It is also now that you can experience having Blindleia all to yourself.

10 cool spring activities in Lillesand

At Padlegleden, you can rent kayaks, take part in kayaking courses, or join guided tours in the fantastic archipelago in and around Lillesand. Padlegleden is run by former Norwegian champion Hakeem Teland, and is located in the center of Lillesand, next to the tourist…

Welcome to the sauna fleet Lillesand-Kogen, fantastically situated at the city's most beautiful recreation area at Kaldvell, a couple of kilometers east of Lillesand centre. We recommend booking a time for your visit, but drop-in is also available. With us you can swim in the…

Mysteriehuset offers a completely new and unique experience right in the center of idyllic Lillesand. Mysteriehuset is suitable for enthusiastic colleagues for team-building, wonderful groups of friends, anniversary celebrations and family fun without a tablet, and is also the…

The river has a salmon ladder, and you can fish or bathe. The ruins of the wood pulp grinding mill dating from about 1890 are still visible and provide a magnificent backdrop for the walk. Kaldvell is also the starting point for what was previously called Kongeveien, the…

A hotel based on old culture, beautiful buildings, great resturants and much more. Lillesand Hotel Norge was built in several stages - 1837 - 1890 - 1964, and fully restored in 1995. The hotel is a member of 'Historical Hotels'.  It is as though the town itself…