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At Norway's southernmost destination, you can experience everything from the rugged Lindesnes, the small-town charm of Mandal, to the wilderness in Marnardal. Here, you can plan family vacations, corporate events, group tours, conferences - all arranged, both centrally and close to the fantastic natural beauty of the southern region


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A family of 4 person walking along the river.
Photo: Fotograf Iselinn Andersen

Highlights in Mandal

Discover more about the highlights of Mandal. Attractions, activities, shopping, restaurants, accommodations, and what's happening in Mandal.

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Lindesnes Lighthouse in sunset
Photo: Fotograf Iselinn Andersen

Highlights in Lindesnes

Here you can read more about the highlights of Lindesnes. Lindesnes is known, among other things, for its natural beauty, coastal landscapes, and cultural attractions.

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Mandal and Lindesnes all year round

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Kristiansand by night
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Brygge langs moloen i Sælør, Korshamn
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Farsund sett fra utsiktspunktet Varbak
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