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Photo: Fotograf Iselinn Andersen
Nærbilde av en tallerken med mat på en restaurant
Photo: Iselinn Andersen

Food and Drinks in Mandal & Lindesnes

In Mandal and Lindesnes, you can enjoy a delicious meal for both lunch and dinner.

Savor the sun and the view at the restaurants' outdoor seating areas or rooftop terraces along the waterfront or in the pedestrian street. The menus offer a variety of dishes to suit every taste. Visitors will be delighted by the culinary experiences that await. You can indulge in delightful dishes made from local delicacies like fresh fish, shrimp, crab, and mussels. Many restaurants and fish markets offer fresh ingredients that you can enjoy on-site or take home. In addition to seafood, you can also explore other flavors in Mandal and Lindesnes. The area is filled with restaurants and cafes that provide a diverse range of options for both young and old.

If you're looking for an extraordinary gourmet meal, consider visiting "Under," the first Michelin-starred restaurant in Southern Norway, located in Båly, Spangreid.

Here are some different places you should visit in Lindesnes if you're hungry or thirsty:

Unique Culinary Experience


Join us down at the world's largest and Europe's only underwater restaurant, Under, located…

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