Åseral, the Southernmost Mountains in Setesdal

Åseral has beautiful bathing spots, alpine slopes, great fishing possibilities and lovely walking trails.

Accommodation in Åseral

Attractions in Åseral

Sosteli farm

The deserted farm Sosteli is one of the best-preserved Iron Age farms in Europe. Sosteli was settled…

Ljosland chapel

The chapel dates from 1959. In the choir there is a stained glass painting by the artist Ottar Helge…

Åseral church

This is a cruciform church built in 1822 in Åseral, with place to 300 people. The architects…

Åknes chapel

The chapel dates from 1873, and is set in beautiful surroundings by Lake Lognavatn. This chapel is…

Beaches in Åseral

Beach Løkjen

One glimpse of the river and the swimming area from the road, and it's okay to park your car next to…

Fishing in Åseral

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Photo: Gorm Helge Grønli Rudschinat


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