SUP-padlere i solnedgang ved Korshamn Rorbuer i Lyngdal
Photo: Gjermund Glesnes / Visit Sørlandet
The shadow of a moose in the sunset with some trees.
Photo: Leiv Arne Åkset @Turistkontoret for Lindesnesregionen
Woman and dog in a hammock, with a view in wintertime
Photo: Fotograf Iselinn Andersen
Photo: Frida Neverdal
Christina Rasmussen og Reimert Liadal på ridetur - Eikerapen Gjestegard - Eikerapen i Åseral
Photo: Gjermund Glesnes / Visit Sørlandet
Photo: Elisabeth Høibo

Nature experiences in Southern Norway

Southern Norway offers beautiful and spectacular nature, and many ways to enjoy it! Whether you prefer hiking, cycling, climbing, or paddling, Southern Norway has something for everyone!


dame i skogen
Photo: Gjermund Glesnes

Southern Norway is a paradise for those who love to experience nature on foot, and the mild climate allows for hiking throughout much of the year. In each municipality, you will find beautiful new day trip cabins with fantastic views that are popular hiking destinations. Another great hiking…

Biking to Lindesnes Lighthouse in southernmost Norway
Photo: Sjiva Janssen

Southern Norway is a great area to explore by bike, with beautiful coastlines, charming coastal towns, and picturesque mountain landscapes. Here are several suggestions for bike routes in Southern Norway, as well as information on where to rent a bike:  

dame som fisker
Photo: Nina Hoem Hansen

In Southern Norway, there are many opportunities for fishing, whether you're alone, with a professional guide, or with your family on a boat. You can enjoy sea fishing or freshwater fishing, targeting species like cod, salmon, or trout. Southern Norway is known for its excellent salmon rivers…

Photo: Hakeem Treland

The Southern coast of Norway offers paddling experiences for several years and is suitable all year round! From Risør to Lindesnes, there are only shorter stretches directly exposed to the open sea. From Lindesnes to Flekkefjord, the landscape changes significantly, and you are more exposed.