Setesdal Map

From winter to summer

The Setesdal valley is approximately 170 km long and has an elevation ranging from 167 to 1507 m.a.s.l. Consequently, springtime is very different from place to place. In Åseral and Evje, in the southern part of the valley, spring usually starts in April, but in the northern village of Hovden, spring is a short period at the end of May or perhaps as late as June.
The snow melting usually lasts until June, and most of the meltwater ends up in the river Otra, which flows through the entire valley. It has its source in the mountains north of Hovden, winding for 245 km through the valley until it reaches the sea in Kristiansand. Otra is a good resource both for fishing and for adrenaline-filled activities such as rafting and kayaking.
If you want to go hiking in the mountains of Åseral, Brokke and Hovden, you should wait until the end of June or perhaps take your skis instead. Meltwater can also make streams and rivers difficult to cross.
Spring is in many ways a tranquil season, with the river and the birds making the loudest sounds. So if you want peace and quiet, this is a great time for a visit. Most museums and attractions open at the end of June, and some hotels, restaurants and activity providers are also closed during May and parts of June.

Feel the spring along the river Otra

Springtime hiking in Setesdal