dame i skogen
Photo: Gjermund Glesnes
Fjellstøvler og fjellandskap
Photo: Gro Irene Skjellanger
Solnedgang på Knaben
Photo: Elisabeth Gyland
Hengekøye på Bjelland
Photo: Visit Lindesnes

Hiking in Southern Norway

Southern Norway is a paradise for those who love to experience nature on foot, and the mild climate allows for hiking throughout much of the year. In each municipality, you will find beautiful new day trip cabins with fantastic views that are popular hiking destinations. Another great hiking trail is the Barnevandrerstien, which stretches across large parts of Sørlandet in various stages. Additionally, there is a diverse selection of shorter or longer hikes to choose from, so there is something for everyone.

barn i skogen
Photo: Gjermund Glesnes

The Child Wanderer Path is a 136 km long continuous path that carries on a sad but educational history. As the path is today, it is divided into 7 stages and can be combined with trains and accommodation at some places.

hytte i solnedgang
Photo: Farsund kommune

During 2024, you will find an attractive and similar type of day trip cabin in each of the 25 municipalities in Agder. The purpose of the project is to establish attractive destinations in the local environment that can contribute to more outdoor life, more physical activity and better public health…

Hiking - all year round!

Taking a hike in Southern Norway in winter can be a fantastic experience, with unique landscapes and a calm atmosphere. Here are some suggestions for winter trips in Southern Norway:

Coastal walks: Explore coastal paths and beaches, and enjoy the fresh winter air and the sound of waves lapping against the shore. Popular coastal areas for winter walks include the beaches in Kristiansand, Mandal and Arendal.

Forest tours: Southern Norway is known for its beautiful forests, which become even more enchanting in winter. Put on warm clothes and wander through snow-covered paths, surrounded by tall trees and a peaceful atmosphere. Setesdalsheiene and Baneheia near Kristiansand are good alternatives for winter walks in the forest.

City walks and viewpoints: Southern Norway's cities have their own charm in winter. Take a leisurely stroll through the streets decorated with festive decorations, visit local markets and enjoy the cozy atmosphere of cafes and shops. The old town in Kristiansand, the picturesque streets of Risør and the lively center of Arendal are great places for city walks in winter.

Remember to dress appropriately for the weather, wear sturdy footwear and take the necessary precautions for winter walking, such as being aware of slippery surfaces and changes in weather conditions.

Coastal walks

Town walks and lookout points


Go for a walk (approx. 3 km) on the former island naval base of Odderøya, now…

Forest and mountain hikes


These and many more trails are situated in a magnificent terrain where parts of the…