Art and culture in Risør

Galleri Villvin i Risør .
Photo: Galleri Villvin
Galleri Villvin i Risør .
Photo: Galleri Villvin

For over 30 years, Risør has invested in art and culture. They were among the first small towns to get their own cultural center and it was special that a small town like Risør had such a clear art and culture profile. It is local competence and a positive attitude towards creativity in the city and municipality that provide the basis for the conscious effort to create a good art and cultural environment.

Bibiche Mourier i Risør Kunstpark .
Photo: Gjermund Glesnes/Visit Sørlandet
Bibiche Mourier i Risør Kunstpark .
Photo: Gjermund Glesnes/Visit Sørlandet

Art and culture of Risør

Many of the inhabitants of Risør are today employed in creative industries, and the collaboration between art, culture and industry has provided the basis for new exciting products.

Risør believes that new thinking, change and restructuring will be important in the future, and that provides the basis for new cultural and business projects. At the same time, creativity gives Risør a place profile and is a driving force for realizing the dream of the good life for each individual.

Risør was named Norway's cultural municipality in 2015 and hosts several international festivals every year.

Risør has 3 major festivals of international class
In 1991, Risør Chamber Music Festival was established with the following objective: "Risør Chamber Music Festival is a non-profit foundation whose purpose is to organize an annual Chamber Music Festival, where central classical music as well as newer repertoire will be presented. Efforts will be made to find musicians - both Norwegian and foreign - who maintain a recognized high artistic level, or who have documented an indisputable talent."

Villvin Handicraft Market is the country's largest and most exciting collection of handicrafts. They promise an inspiring feast of form, color and lushness when more than 100 professional artisans from Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway gather in the square and around Risør's beautiful inner harbour. Unique works in ceramics, glass, textiles, metal, leather, wood, paper and wicker are presented and sold here. There will be entertainment, children's workshops and much more.

Whether you are a boat owner or one of the many who enjoy coastal life and coastal culture, the Risør Tree Boat Festival is something to consider when making plans for the summer. The festival is among the most important and popular coastal culture events in Europe, which showcases traditional wooden boats.

In April, Culture Night is organized in addition to a number of other events spread throughout the year. Visit Risør on Facebook and Instagram for ongoing updates.


Galleries in Risør

Risør has many galleries, some are open all year round and others are only open in the summer season. Risør Art Park is the heart of the Art City Risør. The house houses 14 studios for artists and is one of Southern Norway's three best exhibition venues for art, handicrafts and design. Open all year round. Galleri Villvin is one of the country's most exciting sales and display locations for Norwegian and Nordic handicrafts. Galleri Villvin is a gallery open all year round in Risør that conveys works created by more than a hundred artisans within the disciplines of ceramics, textiles, glass, metal and wood. All of these are professional artisans and designers. Embla Jewelry workshop and gallery produces silver and enamel jewelry. They have their own year-round shop and workshop centrally in Risør, as well as selling to jewellers, handymen and galleries all over the country. Design manager is Asta Gautland Andersen. Today, the company is run by two women who have been involved from the very beginning. These two also carry out the jewelery production themselves. Galleri Nylund Larsen is a year-round gallery and shop run by Rune Nylund Larsen and Heidi Nylund Larsen. Rune is a photographer and writer, Heidi is a graphic designer and flower decorator. The gallery displays their work, as well as hand-picked art, crafts and jewelery from a selection of artists and hand-picked interiors and gifts.

The fire tower is Risør's most popular viewpoint. Graphic artists and artists exhibit their work here. Galleri Branntårnet is open during the summer season.

Ceramicist Ole Morten Rokvam and textile artist Grete Rokvam run a workshop and Gallery Rokvam at Gardsli, 9 km outside the city.

Galleri Solsiden 10 is open during the summer season. See the website for more information about exhibitions.

These are some of the reasons why Risør is a city of art and culture:

Art and craft galleries open all year round
National and international festivals
An active cultural school bag with professional artists
Decoration scheme where 2% is set aside for artistic decoration
Risør Art Park, which in addition to the gallery, contains approx. 14 workshops
An art grant linked to a workshop in Risør Art Park
A subsidized Establisher atelier for artists in the establishment phase
A project studio with an associated grant
Not least, Risør is a place where creative souls in various art forms can draw inspiration and find opportunities for expression.


Embla Design

Embla Design har egen butikk i Risør, og selger til gullsmeder, husflid og gallerier…