Sirdal is the place in Southern Norway where you can check off a bucket list item if a dog sledding tour is on your list. The journey to Sirdal Husky Farm itself is breathtaking, passing snow-covered roads with typical Norwegian red and yellow houses standing out against the white snow, nestled among snow-laden trees. Along the way, we pass frozen lakes and see the largest icicles hanging from mountain walls. To complete our winter adventure, we head to Sirdal Husky Farm.

hus i snøen

Why we chose Sirdal Husky Farm

This farm offers more than just a sleigh ride; it's a complete experience, which is why we chose to visit. We not only meet the huskies but also learn about their care and the workings of the sled which we will later harness the dogs to. The highlight is eventually driving the sled ourselves. Just the day before, we were on a snow groomer, and now we are gliding over the snowy plains, pulled by five eager sled dogs—a must-do and unforgettable experience for every winter enthusiast.

jente og husky

Meeting the huskies

Upon entering the farm, the silence is striking; instead of barking dogs, we only hear the crunch of snow under our shoes. We meet Aylin, the daily caretaker of the dogs, and she leads us to the kennels. She advises us on how to behave around the dogs and how they might react to us. Despite our excitement, we're told to remain calm—the dogs will approach us on their own. 

The males are let out first; they amble over, and after doing their business, they indeed come to greet us. We get to pet and cuddle them, and they show their enjoyment by lifting a hind leg or lying down for more petting. It's a joy to spend time with these beautiful creatures. Fleur wants to take photos, but the dogs are impatient; they wander off as soon as we stop petting them. 

Next, the females are allowed out and their greeting is quite different, full of enthusiasm and energy. After they've also done their business, they come bounding over, tails wagging. We spend time socializing with them before they too return to their kennels. We manage to capture a few precious moments.

tre mennesker på huskyfarm

A rewarding learning experience for us and the huskies

Interacting with the huskies is not only cool, but also educational, teaching them to socialize with people. Aylin shares insights about farm life in English and German, giving parents time to translate for younger children. We learn there are 40 huskies on the farm, each named after their character — like Pepper, Lady, Summer, and Wasabi. The color-coded nameplates indicate siblings, and last year, 14 puppies were born, adorable yet a handful.


The dogs are let out daily and pull sleds several times a week to expend energy. The smartest lead the way, the strongest pull from behind, and the middle ones complete the team. We learn about the dogs' care, diet, and the sled they pull.

Driving the sled: a highlight of the husky farm visit

Having previously experienced a dog sled tour in Swedish Lapland without driving the sled, we're excited to steer at Sirdal Husky Farm. An old, authentic dog sled is prepared, and we help attach the selected dogs. As the dogs anticipate the outing, their energy is palpable. Aylin does a practice lap, then it's our turn to take the reins.

Léon steers first with Fleur in front. They take off as Léon lifts his foot from the brake, circling a snowy plain. Fleur films from the sled, and they return with beaming smiles. Then, it's my turn; the dogs dash off, and steering feels surprisingly easy. Finally, Fleur takes a turn and returns with a broad grin, glad to have joined in.

mann som viser på kart

Warming up after a cool experience

The dog meet-and-greet and sled preparation last about an hour each. With temperatures at minus 15 degrees Celsius, we're grateful for the warm coffee, tea, and tomato soup waiting in a heated basement. Before warming up, we assist Aylin with the dogs' cool down, stretching their legs. Odd, the farm owner, presents a history of the farm and Sirdal while we dine.

kopper foran peisen

What to wear for a winter husky farm visit

A winter visit to a husky farm requires full ski attire—thermal layers, fleece, ski jacket, pants, warm boots, and hats. Despite the cold, our gear from Revolution Race keeps us cozy.

jente med husky

Want to experience it yourself?

We enjoyed the "Huskyfarm Adventure" on the farm's grounds. Other packages include sledding in the surrounding area and possibly spending a night in a mountain cabin. Explore all options and prices on Sirdal Husky Farm's website.