Photo: Hakeem Treland
høst i arendal

Photo: Arendal by
Høst i Flekkefjord

Photo: Sandra Surdal
dame tar bilde

Photo: Inger Hutchinson

Photo: Adam Read


Autumn on the Southern coast of Norway is truly magical! The evenings are still bright and mild, and you can catch glimpses of enchanting sunsets on the horizon. In the mountains, the colors of yellow, orange, and red paint a beautiful picture, and there are activity options suitable for everyone. Take a weekend trip to one of the charming Southern towns or enjoy the natural beauty of the mountains. 

Autumn at the destinations

Hoveneset, Homborsund

Photo: Kristine Dreessen Johansen @ Visit Grimstad

Autumn in Grimstad

Autumn is magical in Grimstad! The evenings are still mild and bright, the autumn…