Winter camp in the mountains of Setesdal

Photo: Anders Martinsen
Vinter i Arendal

Photo: Arendal by
Vinter i Flekkefjord

Photo: Johnny Svindland

Photo: Elisabeth Høibo
vinter i bukt med båter

Photo: Maria Aspesæther


Winter on the Southern coast of Norway is a magical sight, with the vibrant colors of orange, pink, and yellow settling on the horizon. Throughout the year, there are activities available that allow you to experience the fantastic coastline. Additionally, if you prefer powder snow, skiing, and cozy fireplace moments in the mountains, the winter sports destinations of Hovden, Bortelid, and Eikerapen are not far away. 

Winter at the destinations

Vinter i Lyngdal på skøyteisen Skeisen

Photo: Gjermund Glesnes

Winter in Lyngdal

Winter in Lyngdal offers its own unique charm and a range of activities for visitors…