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Kunstsilo opens in Kristiansand 11. May!

Kunstsilo  is an award-winning, former grain silo on Odderøya in Kristiansand which is currently being transformed into one of Northern Europe's most innovative powerhouses for art and cultural experiences. The museum will house the Tangen collection, the world's largest collection of Nordic modernism, and the Sørlandets Kunstmuseum's permanent collections. In addition, there will be international digital contemporary art, temporary exhibitions, and an expanded offer with lectures, concerts, dining experiences, workshops, function rooms and events.

Kunstsilo opens on 11 May 2024

- It is a great pleasure to finally be able to reveal Kunstsilo's opening date. On the 11th of May
2024 will be a folk festival in Kristiansand, says Reidar Fuglestad, managing director
for Kunstsilo in a press release

illustrasjonsfoto kunstsilo

The silo in Kristiansand, which has long since been emptied of grain and taken out of service, was erected by Christiansand's Møller in the mid-1930s. From being a regional art museum in line with other regions' art museums, Kristiansand moves up a division when Kunstsilo opens. Kunstsilo will become a national art museum, with collections and exhibitions that, at their best, will be at the very top of what art Norway can offer.

Kunstsilo will be unique, both in terms of content and architecture. The ambition is that people of all ages and walks of life will visit the museum and be left with good experiences after visiting.

About the art

Kunstsilo has three art collections: Christianssands Picture Gallery, Sørlandssamlingen and the new Tangen collection. Together they make up over 7,500 works of art.

Nicolai Tangen from Kristiansand has long had a passionate interest in art, and especially in Norwegian and Nordic modernist art. Tangen today has one of the world's largest collections of Nordic modernist art from the period 1920-1990.

The Tangen collection contains a representative selection of major works by the most important and trend-setting Nordic artists from the period. Among the artists represented in the collection are Jakob Weidemann, Aase Texmon Rygh, COBRA artist Asger Jorn, sculptor Sonja Ferlov Mancoba and Swedish Olle Bærtling.

On the quay of Kristiansand harbor, our new museum arises. From historic downtown digs, to an expansive building, lovingly exposed to the Nordic elements. Kunstsilo shall become a national landmark, representing the uniqueness of Sørlandet (Southern Norway) both nationally and beyond. The…

Kunstsilo .
Photo: Kunstsilo/NTB kommunikasjon
Kunstsilo .
Photo: Kunstsilo/NTB kommunikasjon

Dyreparken Hotell has become Dyreparken Safarihotell
Stay at Dyreparken Safarihotell at the entrance to Dyreparken. Experience the taste of Africa - in Norway.

Right at the entrance to Dyreparken, with a completely unique location by the savannah, you will find Dyreparken Safarihotell. This is a hotel unlike any other in Norway. You don't actually get any closer to Africa. At least not here in Sørlandet. Here, zebras pass by outdoors, and a large giraffe welcomes you indoors. This is a family hotel that has rooms in several categories. From single rooms to new, large family suites. The vast majority of rooms have a balcony. Either towards the Sea of Grass and the Safari Camp, or towards the entrance to the Animal Park and the savannah in the Animal Park's Africa.


Other news in Dyreparken
Juliusskogen is getting even bigger and has become one of Dyreparken's most popular accommodations

Stay close to nature in cool, small wooden cabins with climbing trails on all sides. The kids will love it!

Juliusskogen has in a short time become one of our most popular accommodations. Small and large monkeys love to spend the night here. Juliusskogen consists of 120 cool, small cabins located in a pleasant yard in the forest with a short distance to the Animal Park and Badelandet. Above and around the cabins you will find fun climbing trails where children can run freely. So come and unleash your inner monkey - stay in Juliusskogen!

Welcome to a tree-top world of your own above the cabin roofs that is guaranteed to make little and big tummies tickle. Above and around Juliusskogen you will find a completely unique climbing trail. Here, the children can run freely up to 9 meters above the ground on safe climbing paths consisting of nets and footbridges. The facility stretches widely around the area, and offers plenty of exercise, play and fun.

34 new wooden cabins will be ready in the summer of 2024, in total Juliusskogen has 120 cabins (100 ordinary and 20 adapted for guests with wheelchairs). That corresponds to 580 beds.

Read more here: https://www.dyreparken.no/juliusskogen/

Captain Sabertooth turns 35! We're celebrating

In 2024, it will be marked that Captain Sabeltann turns 35. In Dyreparken, this will of course be celebrated. More information about the King of the Sea celebrations to come!

Brand new Circus Jesper in 2024!

Dyreparken i Kristiansand er åpen hver dag hele året og er et sted for lek, latter og læring. Årlig er over en million besøkende i Dyreparken og Badelandet. Her får du noen høydepunkter fra Dyreparken. Dyreparken Dyreparken har over hundre ulike…

Dyreparken Safarihotell .
Photo: Dyreparken
Dyreparken Safarihotell .
Photo: Dyreparken

New Science Center in Kvinesdal
In January, the Science Center will open a new department in Kvinesdal! Two skilled employees, Kjetil Viken and Joakim Svindland are in place and premises are starting to take shape. Now all that remains is to fill the premises with exciting content, then we are ready to welcome both young and old. We are really looking forward to that!

In January, the Kvinesdal Science Center will open!

OPENING HOURS: 2nd weekend of every month!
TICKET PRICE: Adult/child: NOK 70


Booking experiences and birthdays

Do you want to celebrate a birthday or gather friends and family for a fun day together? At the Science Center Kvinesdal, it will be possible to arrange birthday parties, family days and or team building with various activities. On our website, we will continuously post more fun events.

barn som leker med rør

Pedagoger på Vitensenteret .
Photo: Vitensenteret
Pedagoger på Vitensenteret .
Photo: Vitensenteret