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How to get here
How to get here.
Photo: Anders Martinsen
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Getting to Setesdal and around

Setesdal stretches from Evje in the south to Hovden in the north, a total of 147 kilometres. The RV9, starting in Kristiansand, runs through the entire valley. Setesdal is also an ideal starting point for day trips in this part of Southern Norway.
Travel by car

RV9, known as the "Setesdal Road", is the main road between Bergen and Kristiansand. Using a private car is the most convenient way to get to Setesdal, but public transport is also an option. 

Driving non-stop on RV9, you will cross Setesdal, from Evje in the south to Hovden in the north, in two hours. However, we recommend several stops on the journey to explore this picturesque part of Norway. 

Travel by coach

Coach connections from the eastern and western parts of Norway are provided by the bus company Nor-Way Bussekspress, which travels between Oslo, Bergen or Stavanger.
Connections from the southern parts of Norway are provided by the bus company Setesdal Bilruter which serves the distance between Kristiansand and Haukeli.

As the Setesdal valley neither has a rail service nor an airport, most of our visitors get here by bus or by private car. However, a lot of people prefer to explore the valley by motorbike or bicycle. 


"Riket i to"


Watch the music video "Riket i to" from the band Løvlands Allé.

The music video takes you on a spectacular and unique journey through all four seasons of Norwegian nature. The Brokke-Suleskar road, the location for the video, is a mountain pass that connects Setesdal with Stavanger, the Pulpit Rock and the Kjerag boulder. This scenic road is normally open from end May to end October, depending on weather conditions.

Riket i to - Løvlands allé

Mountain flowers
Mountain flowers.
Photo: Anders Martinsen

Some facts about Setesdal

  • Sæbyggjenuten, the highest peak in Setesdal (and in the county of Aust-Agder) is 1,507 metres high.
  • The river Otra is 245 kilometer long (the 7th longest in Norway)
  • The southernmost population of wild reindeer in Europe roams the Setesdal Vesthei Ryfylkeheiane conservation area.
  • Population: 6,905.
  • Area: 4,567 square kilometres.
  • Four municipalities: Evje, Bygland, Valle and Bykle
  • Climate: warm summers and cold winters (cool summers and very cold winters in Bykle, with a record low of –38°C).

Enjoy a tasty meal on your journey

Make a journey in Southern Norway

The Setesdal valley is an obvious meeting- and starting point for excursions in Southern Norway.
Within a few hours drive you can see some of the best scenery Norway has to offer.

Trolltunga in Tyssedal
Trolltunga in Tyssedal.
Photo: Kirsten Leira

Trolltunga in Hardanger


Highlights: The fjord, Låtefoss waterfall, Folgefonna glacier and Trolltunga


Distances to Hardanger (Odda):

  • From Evje: 272 kilometres, approximately 5 hours' drive
  • From Valle: 182 kilometres, approximately 3.5 hours' drive
  • From Hovden: 124 kilometres, approximately 2.5 hours' drive
Color line ferry to Denmark from Kristiansand
Color line ferry to Denmark from Kristiansand.
Photo: Anders Martinsen / Visit Sørlandet

The southern coastline


Highlights: Kristiansand town, zoo, shopping, beach and harbour


Distances to Kristiansand:

  • From Evje: 63 kilometres, approximately 1 hour's drive
  • From Valle: 155 kilometres, approximately 2.5 hours' drive
  • From Hovden: 210 kilometres, approximately 3 hours' drive
Vemork in Rjukan
Vemork in Rjukan.
Photo: Ove Bergersen

Rjukan in Telemark


Highlights: Historical sites, culture, national park and mountain scenery


Distances to Rjukan:

  • From Evje: 236 kilometres, approximately 4 hours' drive
  • From Valle: 143 kilometres, approximately 2.5 hours' drive
  • From Hovden: 115 kilometres, approximately 2 hours' drive
The Kjærag boulder
The Kjærag boulder.
Photo: Hessel Haker

The Lysefjord


Highlights: The fjord, Pulpit rock and Kjerag boulder


Distances to the Lysefjord:

  • From Evje: 156 kilometres, approximately 2.5 hours' drive.
  • From Valle: 88 kilometres, approximately 1.5 hours' drive
  • From Hovden: 142 kilometres, approximately 2.5 hours' drive
Dalen Hotel, Telemark
Dalen Hotel, Telemark.
Photo: Dalen Hotel

Dalen in Telemark

Highlights: Telemark Canal, Eidsborg stave church and mountain scenery

Distances to Dalen:

  • From Evje: 152 kilometres, approximately 2.5 hours' drive
  • From Valle: 60 kilometres, approximately 1 hour's drive
  • From Hovden: 84 kilometres, approximately 1.5 hours' drive
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