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To girls walking in the green, yellow and red forest.
Photo: Iselinn @Visit Lindesnes
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There are many great walks in Lindesnes. Different lengths and levels of difficulty, so you are guaranteed to find a hike that fits. Bring family, friends or go alone, pack some lunch and enjoy the silence. Her are some of our favorites...

Urban hiking area

Hålandsheia is one of many hiking areas in Lindesnes. It is located close to Mandal, and has many marked trails that are nice to walk all year round. Hålandsheia around is the longest, and mostly walks on paths in the forest. The trip passes the DNT cabin at Tjortedal and Skogen which is a great kidneywort area in the spring.

Bring your hammock

At Bruskeland you can go on a slightly longer trip. Remember to bring a fishing rod, hammock and food to grill on the fire. The trail is well marked and it is arranged with a gapahuk, barbecue hut and campfire sites.

Nomeheia with a view of the whole of Øyselbø

A great walk that takes you through the cozy buildings on Nome in Øyslebø and further up the small mountain. Almost on top, there is a fantastic cabin with an outdoor toilet, stove and accommodation. Furthermore, you go up to the top which is 215 masl.

Start by Lindesnes Lighthouse

Regardless of the season, the coast is nice to experience up close. From the car park by Lindesnes lighthouse there are several hiking trails in the mountains and light forest, one of them is Fjellstien which takes you around the small lake Sulebatjønna and over Grasdalsheia. Feel free to stop by the lighthouse for a hot cup of coffee and waffle after the trip.

Visit Norway's southernmost inhabited island!

Skjernøya is located in the ocean gap outside Mandal. Feel free to combine the hike around Rossnesvågen with a bike ride around the rest of the island and through the beautiful harbor in Skjernøysund.

Right to roam

Show respect
- Take care of nature
- Do not disturb the wildlife
- Always close the gates
- Take your trash with you

The right to roam
- By foot and ski
- Rowing and paddling
- Bicycling and riding on trails and roads in the lowlands and everywhere in the uncultivated land in the mountains

The right to stay
- Resting 
- Bathing in rivers, lakes and the sea
- Put u a tent at least 150m away from inhabited houses and cabins. Maximum 2 days in the same spot in the lowlands

The right to reap
- Picking flowers, plants, mushrooms and berries
- Sea fishing is free for everyone
  (but there are some restrictions
  you need to know about)

Read more about the right to roam.

The Norwegian Mountain Code

1. Plan your trip and inform others about the route you have selected
2. Adapt the planned routes according to ability and conditions.
3.  Pay attention to the weather and the avalanche warnings.
4. Be prepared for bad weather and frost, even on short trips.
5. Bring the necessary equipment so you can help yourself and others.
6. Choose safe routes and follow signs.
7. Use a map and a compass. Always know where you are.
8. Don’t be ashamed to turn around.
9. Conserve your energy and seek shelter if necessary.

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