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Fishing for sea trout in Lindesnes

A fisher with a sea trout on the hook
Sea trout on the hook!.
Photo: AnglerPilot
Ryan Marchese is one of Southern Norway's best professional fishing guides and runs AnglerPilot, a company that offers guided fishing trips in Southern Norway. In this article about coastal sea trout fishing, he shares tips and tricks to find the famous sea trout in Lindesnes municipality.

Norway’s most Southerly municipality is more commonly known for its riviera consisting of many sandy beaches, beautiful coastline and easy way of life. What is not too known is that it has far more to offer than ‘just’ this, it’s actually an exceptionally good region for fishing for coastal sea trout. Not only do you have them often in great numbers, but also the largest sea trout in the whole of Southern Norway have been caught here too! The largest to date, a fine fish of 9.5kg caught in the Spring of 2014.

Winter sea trout from Skjernøya, Lindesnes
Winter sea trout from Skjernøya, Lindesnes.
Photo: AnglerPilot

Winter sea trout from Skjernøya, Lindesnes


As Norway’s most Southerly inhabited island, this island is exposed to the raw salty elements and house what many classes as the perfect example of a sea trout. Although quite built up with cabins and at times easier to fish from a boat, the most Southerly protected part of the island can be explored by foot for hours on end. Here you’ll find attractive bays both inside the small fjord system and outside towards the ocean. You can set out your boat via the boat ramp next to Tregde Ferie centre (good parking close by), rent a boat from the same centre or park by the chapel and set off by foot.


The most Easterly of Lindesnes fjord systems has through the years produced many fine sea trout. The large stream North West in the fjord feeds it with freshwater making this fjord very brackish. A multitude of other small streams create ideal both living and reproductive conditions for sea trout. Plenty of small bays and straits with attractive currents, and sea grass underwater jungles which are natural magnets for sea trout. This fjord is equally fine to explore with a boat or by foot along the many. Just one spot to launch a boat but good parking at the marked places.

A man fishing on a beach along the sea
Fishing in Furulunden, Mandal.
Photo: AnglerPilot

Fishing for sea trout in Furulunden


A fisher’s mecca within a large protected forest where tame deer roam. On the outer fringes of the forest is a vast array of beaches with sea grass banks, rocky outcrops and plenty of current, basically each is a perfect place for sea trout. Further into the fjord which is quite brackish due to large stream which feeds this fjord at the North West end, expect the fish to take on a slightly browner look. In this whole area you can fish for hours on end and are almost guaranteed to catch, even though the average size of the fish is smaller don’t be surprised if you hook a very large one too. If fishing from shore, especially along the beaches, waders can be very advantageous and boat fishing equally effective. Three boat ramps to choose from all with great parking.


Simply put, the area of Lindesnes which consistently has produced the largest sea trout of Lindesnes, possibly Southern Norway. Don’t expect to catch fish easily here but be prepared for a big one if you do get a bite! Here the sea trout hunt between and along the boulder strewn shore, and also along the small beaches. Waders are without a doubt needed to fish between the rocks on the East side of the fjord, otherwise fishing from a boat makes fishing far easier here. If fishing the West side of Sniksfjorden, it’s a good walk from the parking spot, but don’t forget to fish the small bays along the way which house some surprises.

Man fishing at Sniksfjorden on a cloudy day
Fishing at Sniksfjorden.
Photo: AnglerPilot

Fishing at Sniksfjorden


This more often than not under fished cove situated out on the Lindesnes peninsula, is one of my personal favourite spots as it constantly gives me what many consider perfect examples of sea trout trip after trip, silver, black spotted and well fed. A mixture of sand and rolling stones, it’s a typical environment that attracts fish all year round. Best explored either in waders or by boat.


More information

Via this interactive Google map, one can see the fishing area (with pictures and film), parking and boat launching ramps. Maybe if you don’t have your own boat, consider renting one from Tregde Ferie or Lindesnes Hytteservice.

For more tips, equipment recommendations and general information read coastal sea trout fishing in Southern Norway.

Other ways of finding promising spots are with the mobile phone app Fiskher but also the book ‘Sjøørret’, though written in Norwegian also has many fishing maps with magical spots to try.

A big seatrout laying next to a fly fishing rod
Seatrout from Skogsfjord.
Photo: AnglerPilot

Seatrout fishing

If you need further guidance with either where to fish, which techniques to use or developing your fishing skills, maybe a professional fishing guide is something for you?

Fishing Guide - AnglerPilot

Combine Southern Norway’s natural beauty and great fishing, with a guiding service based on a ’natural experience of quality'. AnglerPilot individually cater their service to all ages, abilities, fishing experience and fishing goals.

Ryan Marchese, the owner of AnglerPilot is a EFFA and FFI certified professional fishing guide and passionate fisherman. AnglerPilot is based in Kristiansand but deliver guided trips all over southernmost Norway.

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