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A hand holding a fishing rod over a river
Rough fishing in Mandalselva.
Photo: Leiv Arne Åkset@Turistkontoret for Lindesnesregionen
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Salmon, trout or cod for dinner?

Lindesnes offers the perfect fishing experience opportunity. Quiet lakes, wild rivers or rough sea. What type of fishing are you looking for?

Fishing in the rivers
Mandalselva is one of Norway's best salmon rivers, with a 48 kilometers length of salmon carrying. Every year, between 6 and 12 tons of salmon er caught here. With a fishing rod in your hands and the beautiful surroundings, it's not hard to believe that this could be the fishermen's Eldorado.

The river is separated into four zones, where you will find rapids, waterfalls, deep pools, lake and slow flowing river. The river variations make this an exciting place to fish with flies, lures and worms.  

Three of the four zones (1, 3 and 4), are open zones, which means that you can fish freely within the zone. Zone 1 starts in Mandal center, so you can fish straight from the pier if you wish.
Zone 2 is divided into several part-zones with separate advantages. You can for example get a whole zone to yourself, fish in a waterfall or a private camp ground.

The fishing season for all four zones starts June 1st and last until august 31st, with the exception of zone 4 where the season lasts until September 15th. How to get your fishing license and other information, you find at Mandalselva webpage.

To the west of Mandalselva, you will find the beautiful Audnaelva, which runs from the sea and all the way up to Ytre Øydnavann (35 km inland). Audna was the first of the rivers in the region who introduced salmon. Audnaelva offers varied fishing opportunities, and there is a fishing spot that is also adapted for disabled people. Besides salmon, you can fish for brown trout. During a regular good year 2,5 tons of salmon and sea trout are caught in Audna.

Fishing at sea
There are many wonderful fishing possibilities along the southern coast. Take a boat out to sea between Lindesnes and Mandal and it won't take long for the first fish to bite. You can expect to catch cod, mackerel and coal fish.

The archipelago is a perfect place for fishing adventures, either you want to go out with a boat or try your luck from the shore. There are a wide number of islets, reefs and sheltered fjords, which make it very possible to find your own, secret, fishing paradise!

The relative mild and stable climate makes it possible to catch fish all year round. If you wish to rent a boat, you can find more information at Tregde Ferie, NorgesFerie and Lindesnes Hytteservice.

Fishing inland
The opportunities for fishing in Marnardal are plentiful. In many of the municipality's 460 small lakes you can find trout, and sometimes also perch. In most of these lakes you can fish freely with your fishing rod from land, and in some lakes fish from a boat. For the rest of these lakes you need a fishing license, which you can acquire from the landowner or at the nearest fuel station or shop. For more Information, check out Mandal and Marnardal JFF's webpage.

West in Lindesnes there's a common fishing license for all the small lakes in the municipality. 

In the woods surrounding Mandal you will also find some good fishing opportunities. In Møglandsvannet and the accompanying waters you will need a fishing license. For fishing on the rest of the small lakes you need to contact the landowner.

Want to learn more about fishing in the sea, river or lake? Ryan Marchese at AnglerPilot is a fishing guide that can teach you some tricks about how and where to catch the best fish!

A man holding five fish and he looks very proud
Explore the sea.
Photo: Trond Kristiansen
Man fishing with fly in the midle of the river
Fly fishing.
Photo: Leiv Arne Åkset@Turistkontoret for Lindesnesregionen
Young boy fishing in a small river
Exciting for everyone.
Photo: Leiv Arne Åkset@Turistkontoret for Lindesnesregionen
Hands holding a fish in the water
Photo: Kimberly Marchese

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