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The view from Rossefjell
The view from Rossefjell.
Photo: Ronny Sandberg
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Grimstad offers more than rocky shores, boat trips, sunny days and beach life. If you turn your back towards the sea and set your focus on the Inlands, it can offer hiking tracks with beautiful views, and several inland waters with the possibility of fishing, kayaking and swimming. 

The Inland has a beautiful landscape with mountain-like features and atmospheric forests. Here you can experience a day without meeting one single person if you wish. Particularly desirable is that perhaps when it gets busy in the city streets in the hectic summer months.

Remember that as a guest in nature you have some rules to relate to. These are there to make the trip, both for you and for others, into a better experience.

Take your time to read up on "The right to roam" our guidelines to roaming where you want.

The float block
The float block at Rossefjell.
Photo: Ronny Sandberg

Rossefjell, a protected area

In Grimstad the hiking opportunities are many and varied, we have a fantastic coastline and use it as soon as the sun is shining. But the coast holds only a part of Grimstad's recreational opportunities, the inland with its valleys and moors provides good opportunities for sports and outdoor activities. A network of rural roads weaves together small and large communities, and the high mountains are only a few hours away by car. You don't have to go far for good nature experiences, take Rossefjell as an example, just 25 minutes by car, or 45 minutes bike ride from the center of Grimstad, and you are in a protected area with beautiful forests and fantastic views.

The area was protected in 2005. The purpose is to preserve an almost untouched forest area as an ecosystem with all natural plant and animal life. The protection meant that most of the activity was banned in the area, but it is nevertheless allowed to walk in the areas on foot, pick berries and mushrooms and to conduct legal hunting and fishing.

Arriving at the top you can enjoy your lunch and drinks under a massive float block and enjoy the view.

Other hiking trails in Grimstad

- Einerfjell

- Rossefjellet

- Hiking "Barnevandrerstien"

- Hiking Bjørkoselva

- Fjæreheia and Kollen

- Vestlandske hovedvei

How to get to Rossefjell

Take the exit from E18 at Statoil, Grimstad. Drive past Landvik Church and continue through Reddalsbygda. Drive up the small, steep hill after the last houses and turn right onto the dirt road. The road divides here, and you turn left until you meet a road barrier. There is plenty of room for parking. Follow the gravel road on foot for 200 meters, the path takes off from the gravel road on the right. Follow the path all the way to the top of Rossefjell.

By bike in Grimstad

As you may already know, several internationally well-known cycylists come from the Grimstad area, somthing we are very proud of. Some of our bike routes are set up in partnership with our heroes, and may be demanding for some, while others are easier to ride for families on tour.

One of the tours we can really recommend is "The Syndle round". A trip that offers lots of great scenery, the route is hilly and there are some demanding terrain. Pay special attention to the slopes down towards Reddal, here it is steep and somewhat complex. Idyllic landscape all the way, with many bathing spots and good fishing opportunities along the way.

You can read more about the route and download maps on our website, or visit Grimstad Tourist Office for more suggestions on alternative routes in Grimstad.

If you do not have a bike, do not despair, you can also hired that at Grimstad Tourist Office.

Bicycle safety rules

1. Contribute to well-being and security. Be positive, attentive and considerate to everyone else in traffic.

2. Use a helmet, gloves, bell and light. Check the bike before the trip. Bring tools and patches.

3. Customize speed and driving according to your own skills, the difficulty of the route, the conditions and the number of people on the hiking trails.

4. Cycle so you avoid people being frightened and feeling insecure.

5. Lower the speed at which the walking path or path is cluttered, winding or steep. Remember that there can be car traffic on some of the trails and gravel roads on the route.

6. Alert with bell and brake down well before passing others.

7. Brake down to pedestrian as you meet children, the elderly, the disabled, dogs and horses.

8. Avoid cycling in to large groups.

9. Take the trip to new exciting places. Avoid the most used places, especially on weekends.

10. Avoid damaging nature by biking. Beware of damp areas. Do not make a wider path.

Freshwater fishing

Grimstad has large, beautiful and rich areas for outdoor recreation and fishing. The opportunities are there for those who hunt the big fish, or just need some throws for recreation. Many waters is also easily accessible, allowing for a quick trip out after dinner, or early before the sun rises.

Here are fish of all sizes, but for those who are looking for larger fish, Holvannet, Gangvannet, Vigelandsvannet and Røynevannet are recommended.

The trout is the dominant species, with elements of perch and pike.

Photo: Ronny Sandberg

Gurebo Gård

A good starting point for fishing is Gurebo Gård, the farm is idyllically located between the Rore- and Stemvannet and is easily accessible both by car and bicycle. Here you can rent both canoe and boat, and the area offers great hiking terrain.

Good fishing spots

- Stemvannet at Gurebo gård.

- Vassdraget along County Road 36 (The road from Skiftenes to Hørte); particularly Tønnesølvannet, Søylesundet og Midtvann are great places to fish.

- Holvannet

- Rosevannet

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