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The Hunt
The Hunt.
Photo: Ronny Sandberg
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Grimstad has a lot to offer for anglers, all along the south coast the conditions are perfect for sea trout, some will say it is an eldorado for anglers hunting for ”The Queen of the sea”.

Due to many coastal river systems of different sizes, the productive coastal creeks and the fjords, as well as the protected shallow water areas with lots of nutrient, this constitutes unique conditions for the sea trout. The best of all, it is all public, and free of charge. If you fish with a rod along the coast you do not need a fishing permit, and you can fish all year round.

Sea Trout
Sea Trout.
Photo: Øivind Berg


The sea trout

The sea trout is actually a freshwater fish, which means that it is an ordinary trout, that make feeding migrations in the sea. It therefore thrives best in coastal waters with low salt content, or brackish water areas. The sea trout feed on prey, which is most popular at all times and is easiest to obtain, a strategy they use both in salt, and fresh water. For more experienced anglers, it is therefore wise to keep updated on the hatching season, both of insects and bristle worms, the latter being a clear favorite for the sea trout and are swarming in late March / April.

When and where?

The best feeding grounds are soft ground areas, eel beds and leopard bottom areas. Sea trouts are particularly willing to bite in the spring and early autumn. Best fishing is available in March and early April, when the fish is starving and has little fat reserves after the winter season, and bites frequently. When the days get longer and the temperature increases in springtime, there is a good chance of catching fine fish. In the fall, it's more about building up nutrient surplus before spawning will take place later in the autumn, so the best fishing in the fall you get in the month of September. That said, it is possible to fish sea trout throughout the summer season, It's just a little harder to get.

Enjoy the surroundings
Enjoy the surroundings.
Photo: Ronny Sandberg

Catch and release

Be aware that there is a minimum size for sea trout in the sea. Sea trout under 35 cm length should be released. The same applies to fish that are long and lean, this is not good eating fish, and may advantageously be released again so that they can accumulate fat, and become a real whopper which you might enjoy getting on the hook on another occasion. Another possibility is that you get fish you don't want, or simply fish for the sake of the hunt, and want to put the fish out again. In this case it is good to know a little about what is in technical terms called catch and release.


So what to fish with? I think you get different answers on who you ask, some swear by fly fishing, others lures, wobbler or bait fishing. There are many possibilities when it comes to equipment for sea trout fishing, but it does not have to be complicated. All you need to get started is a fishing rod, reel, line and some fishing lures between 10 and 25 grams. There are countless fishing lures to choose from, but the Toby or Zigge's lures from Abu Garcia are frequent recommendations among sea trout anglers, as the movements are irregular and very enticing for sea trout. In addition, it might be nice to bring a landing net, a fish knife and a weight if you want to know how big the fish really is.

Simple gear
Simple gear.
Photo: Ronny Sandberg

Simple equipment

Recommended fishing spots in Grimstad

  • In Vikkilen a little east of the center of Grimstad, there is good sea trout fishing. In the areas around Maløyene, which is part of Grimstad's popular coastline, there are nice bays and coves where conditions are very good. Marivold, Moysanden, Stangholmen, Fevik, Hauslandsanden and Storesand all have several nice fishing spots with the right bottom conditions for the sea trout. (See map 1)
  • Stølefjorden and Nørholmkilen are excellent, especially around the islands and islets outside Homborsund are fine sea trout sites. (See map 2)
  • Hasseltangen, Søm and Jerkholmen on the border of Arendal is popular areas, Hasseltangen also has good access for wheelchairs. (See map 3)
Map 1
Map 1.
Photo: Robert Svendsen/Arendal kommune

Map 1

Red dots indicate good fishing spots.
Map 2
Map 2.
Photo: Robert Svendsen/Arendal kommune

Map 2

Red dots indicate good fishing spots.
Map 3
Map 3.
Photo: Robert Svendsen/Arendal kommune

Map 3

Red dots indicate good fishing spots.


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Big Sea trout

Due to poor registration of catches of sea trout here in Grimstad, it's hard to know exactly how big the fish can become, but it is not impossible that there are sea trout over 10 kilograms.

It is relatively common and sea trout up to 1-2 kg in the areas around Grimstad, but there are several cases of larger individuals up to 8-9 kilos, although it is rare.

The Norwegian record for sea trout is not registered, but it is said that the biggest one captured was about 13 kilograms.


We encourage everyone to respect the minimum standards, so that our children and grandchildren will also be able to experience the pleasure of coming home with self-couth fish in the future.

- Cod: 40 cm
- Carrelet / Scolle: 27 cm
- European flounder: 20 cm
- Dab: 23 cm
- Turbot: 30 cm
- Brill: 30 cm
- Sea trout: 35 cm
- It is not any minimum size roles for recreational fishing of the fish species Saithe, Pollack and Mackerel.

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