10 tips:
Experience spring in Flekkefjord.

Vår i Flekkefjord .
Photo: Sandra Surdal
Vår i Flekkefjord .
Photo: Sandra Surdal

1. Streetart

Flekkefjord shines with its exciting street art, and colorful touches can be found throughout the city. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with the city.

2. Flekkefjord museum

Flekkefjord museum is located in the heart of Hollenderbyen. There are changing exhibitions in the Sjøbuene and a permanent exhibition about "Tatjana", as well as the Lars Kristian Gulbrandsen exhibition.

3. Nuland Visitor Farm

At Nuland visitor farm, the whole family has the opportunity to get to know the animals better, as well as grill some delicious food in the grill cabin, or on one of the farm's fire pits. Explore the plants used daily, or taste one of the apples from the old apple trees from the farm's earlier days.

4. Flekkefjord Motorhome Camp

Welcome to Flekkefjord Motorhome Camp. Norway's most popular motorhome camp?

In a survey conducted by dinfritid.no, Flekkefjord ranks among the top five motorhome towns in Norway!

5. Spira

Flekkefjord Cultural Center Spira is the new pride of Flekkefjord. Here, there will be something for everyone to experience. You can attend concerts, theater, cinema, the library, and the leisure club.

6. Search for treasures in exciting specialty shops

Flekkefjord is brimming with cozy specialty shops, and a stroll in the pedestrian street offers many treats. LilleBille is a niche lifestyle store spread over two floors with some of the best Scandinavian interior and women's clothing brands.

7. Rail biking on the Flekkefjord

Railway Welcome to biking on the cultural heritage site, Flekkefjord Railway. A unique experience and activity for families, groups of friends, and groups.

8. Experience the scenic gem Hidra

A beautiful island off the coast near Flekkefjord. Hidra is where Southern Norway meets Western Norway. A canal divides the island in two. In short; stunning nature, beautiful cultural landscape, numerous ancient monuments, and coastal culture. Hidra has just under 600 permanent residents.

9. The dutch quarter (Hollenderbyen)

In Flekkefjord's old district, Hollenderbyen, historic wooden houses line cobbled streets. From the 1500s to the 1700s, many Dutch settled here, trading in oak, stone, and lobster. Today, parts of Amsterdam stand on Flekkefjord oak and stone. The town's nickname, Hollenderbyen, reflects this Dutch influence. Flekkefjord Museum is in the city's oldest house from 1724. Nearby, the iconic Grand Hotel, built in 1897, stands. Hollenderbyen also showcases street art, with both local and international artists contributing annually.

10. Flekkefjord Church

The current church was started in 1831 and completed the following year. The consecration took place in January 1833. The church, designed by the palace architect H.F.D. Linstow, is shaped like an equilateral octagon with a square choir to the east. The oldest documented church was built around 1725. The church is a log timber church, with a vestibule and a west tower. The nave has galleries on two floors.

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Lysstolpe i Flekkefjord .
Photo: Anita Alden Frandsen
Lysstolpe i Flekkefjord .
Photo: Anita Alden Frandsen