10 Tips:

Experience Autumn in Flekkefjord

Høst i Flekkefjord .
Photo: Sandra Surdal
Høst i Flekkefjord .
Photo: Sandra Surdal

1. Street Art in Flekkefjord

Street artists from both domestic and international backgrounds have adorned Hollenderbyen in Flekkefjord with many beautiful street art pieces for the delight of all passersby. Every year, new artists, both local and international, interpret the history around Hollenderbyen. Street art artists such as Nimi, Hama Woods.

2. Flekkefjord museum

Flekkefjord museum consists of an old merchant's house in Hollenderbyen and two sea cabins that have been rebuilt after a fire in 1981. In addition, the museum owns the Flekkefjord boat "Solstrand" from 1936.

3. Flekkefjord Cultural Center Spira

Flekkefjord Cultural Center, Spira, is the new pride of Flekkefjord. Here, there's something for everyone to experience. You can attend concerts, theater performances, movies, visit the library, and join the leisure club.

4. Search for treasures in exciting niche shops

Flekkefjord is brimming with cozy niche shops, and a stroll down the pedestrian street offers many treats. LilleBille is a niche lifestyle store spread over two floors, featuring some of the best Scandinavian interior and women's fashion brands.


5. Day trip cabin "Skredderhytta" in Flekkefjord

On Storehei, close to the city of Flekkefjord, you will find Skredderhytta. From the cabin, you can enjoy a great view of the city with the entrance in the background. The outdoor area around the cabin is equipped with benches and a grill. There are several access options, but the access from the city center is the shortest. Perfect for a quick trip whenever it suits.

6. Rail biking on Flekkefjordbanen

An experience trip on a draisine bike with stunning nature and fascinating architecture on the 17 km long Flekkefjord Railway between Flekkefjord and Sira. One rides on draisine bikes or rail bikes as they are also called. The bikes are tandem bikes where two people.

7. Hollenderbyen

In Flekkefjord's historic district, Hollenderbyen, historic wooden houses line cobblestone streets. From the 1500s to the 1700s, many Dutch settled here, trading in oak, stone, and lobster. Today, parts of Amsterdam stand on oak and stone from Flekkefjord. The town's nickname, Hollenderbyen, reflects this Dutch influence. The Flekkefjord Museum is in the town's oldest house from 1724. Nearby is the iconic Grand Hotel, built in 1897. Hollenderbyen also showcases street art, with contributions from both local and international artists annually.

8. Experience the scenic gem Hidra

A beautiful island in the sea gap near Flekkefjord. Hidra is where Sørlandet meets Vestlandet. A canal divides the island in two. In short; striking nature, beautiful cultural landscape, numerous ancient monuments, and coastal culture. Hidra has just under 600 permanent residents.

9. Flekkefjord Motorhome Camp

The Flekkefjord Motorhome Camp is located in the center of Flekkefjord, close to both the sea and shopping. The price is per day and can be paid at a nearby machine. The camp offers excellent facilities such as free sanitary facilities, a dumping station, electricity, water, a public grill, herb beds, and a beautiful park leading down to the fjord. The walk to Flekkefjord's central area with 100 shops and numerous dining options is just 3 minutes on foot, and the Flekkefjord railway is nearby.

10. Nuland visitor farm

At Nuland visitor farm, the whole family has the opportunity to get to know the animals better and grill some delicious food in the grill cabin. Explore the plants used daily, or taste one of the apples from the old apple trees from the farm's earlier days.

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Lysstolpe i Flekkefjord .
Photo: Anita Alden Frandsen
Lysstolpe i Flekkefjord .
Photo: Anita Alden Frandsen